NPF551: Reflection

Presentation – Reflection

This was a very difficult reading, it was extremely academically worded, but didn’t really seem to have that much information. Every time that the paper seemed to be stating a point, it would end the section with a question and say that more research was required to have a greater understanding.

I was still able to breakdown the reading, but I was worried that the class would have a difficult time understanding the reading.

This was the breakdown and I was able to categorize it by questions:
1. What is mediated presence and what is the physical world?
Used to be defined as an alternate world to the physical. Completely immersed in a virtual world. The physical world is a natural, pre-media (pre-human) world, in the present.

2. How do you create a strong presence?
Perspectives, emotional triggers, Brain/Computer Interfaces, but a strong presence changes over time

3. How do you know what is real and what is imagined?
Said to be from evolution that allows us to distinguish the difference. Not through emotion or reality judgement because the same emotions are triggered in both the real and imagined. The paper states that there are 3 questions that we answer to figure out what is “real” and what is imagined. This is my main discussion question.

4. Is new technology creating a mediated presence?
No, it’s becoming part of self and creating a hybrid world

5. What is the future of mediated presence?
Evolving, more research required, but out of individual, social presence, a group presence is emerging. It will no longer me mediated, but hybrid.

I tried to make the reading more understandable by giving examples that people could relate to and tried to find interesting videos to help convey the terms and ideas.

There wasn’t really anything to argue with in the reading. It states that as we evolve and adapt to technology we become more hybrid and the mediated presence slowly disappears, which I agree to.

The reading adds to my interest of virtual environments, hybridity, and mobility. The discussion of if we could completely immerse ourselves in another world, comes to mind. Would we be able to just live our lives in a virtual world (Matrix comes to mind). Maybe if the virtual world was as complex as the real world. Maybe not. There are people in the two extremes, ones that are completely against virtual worlds and ones that live their lives on virtual worlds, but for people who are in the middle, there is an attempt to balance our virtual and physical. We have a need to feel connected and mobile devices keep us connected, so we can stay connected on the go. My cellphone allows me to go out and meet up with people and not have to constantly be worried about having to be home waiting for someone to contact me.

Maybe in the future, we would all work outside of an office, either at home or on the go. It isn’t even really the future anymore, it’s already been happening, but will become more prevalent.

I think because Facebook has changed and removed the discussion/forums in groups that it makes virtual discussion quite difficult, following threads difficult. There isn’t much feedback from students as we are bombarded with so many postings and most people are not interested in reading a huge block of text. I personally enjoy in-class discussions more, since there is more interaction. The argument of what is reality brought up philosophy from plato and freud. The question of why we dream came up and different opinions came up, but nobody knows. I don’t think it was that good of an idea for me to break up the presentation and have a discussion the middle because I wasn’t sure how to bring the attention back to my presentation, but interestingly enough the discussion lead perfectly back to the rest of my presentation. I was able to show a chip in a scientist that was related and then finish with my presentation.


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Cristal is a new media designer, who believes in the importance of feeding the soul with art, culture, and food. Her work focuses on themes of identity, sociopolitical problems and the concept of beauty. Cristal is from Hong Kong and studies in Toronto.

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