Online-based Project: Presentation Day!

Vision by Proxy

My group was ready. We had tested out our creation and it worked. Of course, I had no idea I’d be the one behind the computer giving instructions. It was a last minute thing, everybody else was busy, and the thing is I’m absolutely horrible with instructions and directions, always have been. Which, I guess, made this even more amusing for other people.

It was difficult to see everything as the screen was cropped and split. Judging distance through a webcam is almost a joke and nobody listened to my instructions anyways. David Green was the first tester and he had seen where all the objects were placed. We probably should have moved the tables around each turn. He walked to the objects without needing instructions and kept going right, when I said left. It was amusing from my side and he kept repeating that I gave awful instructions.

Then Oscar went next and this time he hadn’t seen where the objects were placed. He’s tall, so attempting to look down at the table made it very difficult. I was still trying to get use to giving instructions. He listened quite well, but has a fear of the dark, so it had made him more nervous. People also moved the objects around on him, I could see and was telling him.

Jessica was more rushed than Oscar and attempted to get all the objects, almost walking into walls and desks. I ended up just warning her and giving a general direction of where the objects were.

I was able to get Bo to give the instructions and she had Linda, who had seen the experience and listened to instructions. It was a more efficient and positive outcome, which can be seen from the documentation video.


About Cristal Sung

Cristal is a new media designer, who believes in the importance of feeding the soul with art, culture, and food. Her work focuses on themes of identity, sociopolitical problems and the concept of beauty. Cristal is from Hong Kong and studies in Toronto.

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