Organ Values to Object Values

I’m doing some research to help with the conception of this project. When I started I had no idea what direction to take my research or even where to start. I started looking up articles about organ transplants and articles about China.

I ended up with:

Guardian – Kidneys for sale: poor Iranians compete to sell their organs

Apparently, Iran is the only country where organ trade is legal. People are willing to sell their organs for money. A person, Marzieh, in the name of honor and family, she sold her kidney for her daughter’s wedding.

I then found infographs on the value of organs:

moredeadthanalive organ-harvesting
It’s a little creepy seeing these parts of my body that could be sold for a certain value. I then got curious and wanted to see what I could buy with that money. Kind of like if, I had a million dollars what would I buy? How much was an iPad and iPhone worth in terms of organs?

It started getting really creepy, when I found out that for the value of a liver, I could buy a Lamborghini. Skin could be sold the same price per square inch as granite counters.

Researching to produce art became a strange and a little disturbing. Comparing organs to prices to what could be bought. Would you sell your liver for a Lamborghini?


About Cristal Sung

Cristal is a new media designer, who believes in the importance of feeding the soul with art, culture, and food. Her work focuses on themes of identity, sociopolitical problems and the concept of beauty. Cristal is from Hong Kong and studies in Toronto.

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