Toss Up!


I presented this as a sign. I thought about using the concept of toss up like a fair game, but then last night right before my meeting. I came up with the idea of making the carnival game extremely sterile instead. Everything white, slightly blinding, uncomfortable, medical like.

I have to think about the scanning, and the idea of an exchange in a carnival setting.

Traditionally, we give money, get toys, and try to win.

The medical industry,people give organs, get money, and try to live.

I’ll still have to decide what they’ll scan and why. Probably a scan to play to win.

If plush toy hits a mark, what will the game do. If not what will happen?

What is the reward of this exchange?

Scan, exchange, receipt. What is the visualization? What makes it humanity, what’s the space like?

What is my narrative? Are the viewers longing for something? Should they feel disappointed? What are the visuals?

How should the person interact with the space, how should they feel? How will they interact with the objects?

So continuing with the sterile idea, I did this in Google Sketchup of how I might want my booth to look:

I talked to the guest speaker, Caroline, and she loves my idea. She suggested that instead of just tossing the organs into one bin, what happens if they can decided between consumer goods and things like true love. They make the decision before they toss it. More explicit.

My text choice needs to be institutional, Caroline suggested going to a hospital and looking around at their signs.

I need to compare physical objects to emotional needs, intellectual needs.

The receipt is proof. The consequence of the game, making it a real transaction.

I’m also making a reference to political decisions, the gesture of throwing it away and the scanning is like when buying an object from a store.

I’ll have to design the toss hole demo with text for the Proof of Concept. Get my test sensors to work for throw detection, I’m assuming piezos should work.

I’ll have to deal with the technology of the printer and the scanning.


About Cristal Sung

Cristal is a new media designer, who believes in the importance of feeding the soul with art, culture, and food. Her work focuses on themes of identity, sociopolitical problems and the concept of beauty. Cristal is from Hong Kong and studies in Toronto.

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