Research on RFID

I noticed during the User Test the issue with my RFID reader. I wanted to check the distance of the Parallax RFID reader.

I looked into other possible RFID readers:
Mifare RC5222 [Resource: MiFaire, Arduino Starter]
Sparkfun, shield
Innovations Reader ID-12

Parallax RFID Reader is suppose to be able to communicate with RFID tags with 2 to 5 inches, which is definitely more than I need. [Source: RFID Reader Distance]

Apparently RFID readers can be increased with a coil antenna. Resource: Extending RFID Reader Range

I can add a remote antenna to the Parallax RFID, but the reader isn’t mine. I also wouldn’t want to hack a $40+ reader. A possibility: [Source]

Due to time constraints, building my own RFID Reader looks out of the question.

Resources: Arduino – DIY RFID Reader | Hackaday – Build your own RFID Reader | MAKE – Build a RFID reader

It’s possible it’s the aluminum foil that is causing the RFID to not be as strong. It apparently only effects slightly. Resource: Aluminum Foil Does Not Stop RFID

Resource: Difference between 13.5 MHZ and 125kHZ RFID Tags


About Cristal Sung

Cristal is a new media designer, who believes in the importance of feeding the soul with art, culture, and food. Her work focuses on themes of identity, sociopolitical problems and the concept of beauty. Cristal is from Hong Kong and studies in Toronto.

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