The Miracle of Polycarbonate

I remember working with plexiglass is 2nd year, when I made a wood and plexiglass dog feeder.

I didn’t have tools, had to get a utility knife, so that I could score and snap plexiglass. If not done properly, the plexiglass would crack.

I also know that plexiglass is expensive. I talked to Jessica about it and she said to look into Polycarbonate (Lexan), which is virtually unbreakable. The guy at Home Hardware told me that a Ryerson student last year had done a project with a camera underneath a piece of lexan and flung a hammer at it. I’m assuming it worked out?

They sell it at Home Hardware and I made sure to pick up a sheet. Apparently, this can’t be scored and snapped. I’ll have to figure out how to cut it, apparently a table saw can cut it and I would like my plexiglass to be straight. I’m terrible at cutting straight lines.

We’ll see, maybe the workshop can cut it for me. If not, I’ll carry it back to Home Hardware.


The Lexan cut amazingly well with a normal table saw blade that was set a little higher. It didn’t crack and it’s now straight and the right size!


About Cristal Sung

Cristal is a new media designer, who believes in the importance of feeding the soul with art, culture, and food. Her work focuses on themes of identity, sociopolitical problems and the concept of beauty. Cristal is from Hong Kong and studies in Toronto.

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