Gender x Gender

Gender x Gender is an interactive installation that presents the participant with a multiple choice quiz interface. Society’s binary understanding of gender and gender stereotypes affects the development of people’s identity. The options that are given in the quiz have both ends of the spectrums of male and female stereotypes, such as pink being the correct female’s favourite colour. The quiz results subtly criticize those that are not a perfect match to their gender stereotype. All participants are slowly transformed into the iconic gender role models (Barbie & Ken).

Female Results
You’re Perfect
The perfect combination of sexy and innocent. You don’t even have to play it up to get what you want.

You’re Sexy & You Know It
You’re confident and amazing. Glam it up with a dress and all your accessories. You can be perfect!

You’re Cute & Unique!
You know who you are and enjoy the things that make you different.

You’re adorable!
You fully embrace your uniqueness and know exactly what you want in any situation, no matter what anyone says.

Male Results
Almost there!
You’re almost perfect! Consider going outside a little more often and leaving your computer alone. A few more workouts and you’ll get all the ladies coming to you.

You’re Sexy & You Know It
You’re confident and amazing. Glam it up with a suit and women on your arms. You can be perfect!

You’re a ladies’ man, man’s man, man about town
You know your stuff and can charm your way through any situation.

You Workout!
You’ve got the body that could outmatch any brain and can get all the ladies, even without trying.


Automata: Carousel

My attempt at making a Carousel that was Tim Burton & MC Escher inspired. I was not able to get the mechanisms working.

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